Faisal Mustafa - Early Life and Education

Faisal Mustafa is the youngest of his siblings and was born in Dhaka. But because of his father’s frequent job postings, he spent most of his early years in the heart of Dhaka, Beijing (China), Chittagong, and Khulna.

From the very beginning of his childhood, he was a gifted child and was highly curious about discovering new things every now and then. He pursued a BSc Engineering degree in civil engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)—the most prestigious engineering university in the country.

Since his university days, he has been interested in digital workplaces and platforms. However, he earned an MBA from North South University to improve his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout his academic and professional career, Faisal Mustafa has never stopped learning new things till now.

Faisal Mustafa - Freelancing Career

While all his other friends were getting ready for 9 to 5 work, he began to think creatively, coming up with innovative and brilliant ideas. This was his first footstep of him toward the digital world.

Later, to enjoy the flexibility of employment, he decides to pursue freelancing. But the trip became more difficult and challenging for him as his family members were encouraged to take regular jobs in his industry.

Despite all this discouragement and backlashes, his eagerness and interest were heavier than anything, which ultimately prompted him to look for work online. After that, he began his profession as a freelancer on Upwork (formerly Odesk). Along with other independent contractual freelancers, he collaborated on numerous projects for clients worldwide.

Faisal Mustafa - Established Faimust Software in 2010

Due to promising work and quality service, he found more work, making it simply impossible to do the job alone. Consequently, he comes up with the concept of starting an office by recruiting people to work for him.

This eventually led to his first company, Faimust Software (short for Faisal Mustafa), which began its operations in 2010 with a small brick-and-mortar establishment. Soon, because of its high-quality work and faster delivery, the organization attracted global customers’ attention. More and more customers from all over the world started onboarding at a faster rate.

It led him to hire more staff to handle all the incoming workload and pressure. His honesty and diligence helped the business become the top SEO agency in Bangladesh, with Faisal rising to fame among Bangladeshi freelancers. He has also appeared in numerous national publications and television shows due to his remarkable work and the creation of employment opportunities. Hard work really pays off!

Founded SEOVISER in 2016: Sister Concern of VISER X

Faisal Mustafa is aware of the pressing need to offer further assistance and prompt delivery to businesses overseas. As a result, he founded SEOVISER, a UK-based SEO service provider, in 2019.

It soon established a relationship with customers for its superior service as a sister company of VISER X. As for now, SEOVISER has completed more than 2000 projects and is still going strong with its upcoming new works. Faisal Mustafa has the vision to turn it into the top SEO firm in the world, offering every possible choice.

Rebranded as VISER X in 2019

Faisal Mustafa accomplished another significant feat in 2019 by renaming FAIMUST SOFTWARE as VISER X LIMITED. In doing so, he increases the scope of his offerings and reduces his reliance on third-party companies.

Web design and development, software development, digital marketing, SEO, etc., are some of the core services offered. He also came up with the notion of making those services available to both domestic and foreign customers. As a result, he presented his services in packages, each with different price ranges.

This is because many Bangladeshi businesses frequently hire foreign firms at a premium to assist them. Yet, they don’t receive enough sufficient consumer support as expected. Thanks to Faisal Mustafa’s valuable idea, businesses are gaining access to a customizable service package at a reasonable cost.

Currently, VISER X LIMITED collaborates with over 500 businesses both locally and globally from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Belgium, Romania, etc. Under Faisal Mustafa’s leadership, VISER X has become the best SEO Agency in Bangladesh and has also been a proud member of BASIS since 2020.

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As an SEO Expert, Faisal Mustafa has a proven record of working in almost every digital marketing area. This is what makes him the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.



Best SEO Agency in Bangladesh

VISER X is a global digital marketing company providing holistic digital marketing, software and web development, mobile app development, SEO, SMM, PPC, and Content marketing services. Faisal Mustafa is the CEO of VISER X, taking the company beyond and above.

Head Of Ideas


A UK-based SEO Service provider

SEOVISER aims to provide SEO services globally and become the No. 1 SEO agency in the world. Under Faisal Mustafa’s prodigy, the company is growing fast and has already established its global presence as a reliable SEO service provider.

Community leader


Largest marketplace in the world

With extensive experience working on Fiverr, Faisal Mustafa is the pioneer and founder of the country’s largest Fiverr community group on Facebook, named Fiverr Bangladesh. The group helps and inspires new freelancers and builds a strong network among Bangladeshi freelancers.

Experience in

Working in Different Industries

As a leading SEO expert

Faisal Mustafa has gained experience working in diverse fields from various business niches. From education, medical and healthcare, construction, and law industries to technology and IT firms, he has successfully completed many projects throughout his SEO career. He is taking pride as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Keynote Speaker on

Different Digital Marketing Conferences

As a social influencer & entrepreneur

As a community leader and active member of BASIS, he shares his thoughts and practical knowledge several times. He also attended national and international seminars and SEO conferences, both online and offline.

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Freelancing Experience

Top selling book on Freelancing Career

Most newbie freelancers in Bangladesh struggle to find work, get low payments, and face several issues related to work. To help them facilitate and perform better in outsourcing, Faisal Mustafa has written a book called Fiverr e Freelancing. Soon after publishing, the book gained huge popularity among freelancers in Bangladesh.

My Skills


As a person, I always zeal for knowledge. While SEOs require an understanding of all levels of SEO (i.e., On Page, Off Page, and Technical SEO), I believe good decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills make a project successful. Here are some skills I have developed through continuous learning and experience.

Project Management

Proper project management ensures on-time delivery within the budget. From planning to final delivery, every stage needs to monitor properly. While working for my clients, I ensure every project is on track and meets the customer’s demand.

Leadership Skills

Throughout my career, I have worked with several organizations and am currently leading my own agency, VISER X, to provide SEO services for clients worldwide. I also contribute to the Bangladeshi Freelancer community to help them grow in the online marketplace.

Public Speaking and Writing

I like to volunteer knowledge among learners as well as learn from them. I am fortunate to speak in different national and international seminars and workshops. Also, I want to take pride in my book “Freelancing at Fiverr,” intended to help Bangladeshi freelancers.

Technical Skills

As SEO professionals, we require to make recommendations about page speed, server-side redirects, rendering, microdata lagging, basic HTML tags, and what not! Though I don’t write code, I understand the implications, and how to overcome them.