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How SEO Can Be Used for Reputation Management in Bangladesh?

How SEO Can Be Used for Reputation Management in Bangladesh?

Reputation management can display the most positive brand aspect to create stronger public relations. Also, the University of Technology Sydney reported that the majority of consumers purchase products after monitoring their online reputation. 

So, business owners have started managing their reputations online. Further, Bangladeshi business brands are taking SEO services to boost their online reach. That’s why we will discuss how SEO can be used for reputation management in Bangladesh.

Why is Using SEO for Reputation Management Important?

The main purpose of reputation management is to displace misleading and useless content online. Here, SEO is the most effective tool to close misleading content from search engine result pages. Besides, SEO can provide two advantages.

  • Grow Brand Impression: Business owners can unrank unwanted pages and rank the impressive pages to retain their market impression using SEO.
  • Grow Business Value: In 2020, corporate research agency Weber Shandwick reported that 63% market value grows from SERP reputation.

How SEO Can Be Used for Reputation Management in Bangladesh?

Business organizations are using some common marketing strategies frequently that can build good brand reputation. Moreover, they hire SEO experts to do the job for the organizations. The tactics are:

  • Local SEO: Local SEO helps consumers search for any product or service available from the nearest areas to buy them.
  • Community Management: Community management helps brands make relationships with partners, consumers, and well-wishers.
  • Customer Experience Strategy: Customer experience strategy allows brands to showcase the good vibes from customers on SERP and news.

This tactic proves their trustworthiness and offers ease of access to customers. Here, SEO can make all the tactics successful by making the brand more visible on social media, search engines, and other platforms. Besides, there are seven reasons of using SEO for Reputation Management in Bangladesh. 

1. To Prevent Organic Traffic Loss

Losing organic traffic is a proof of poor reputation management. Because well reputed brands have some loyal customers who returned to their website manually to buy anything. 

But, business owners can start the best practice of SEO contents to notify the users of the latest services so that they visit the page and buy instantly. 

2. To Hide Negative Reviews

No one wants to remove an actively ranked page from Google SERP. But sometimes, visitors see negative reviews from an existing ranked page.

Therefore, SEO can rank new contents based on new keywords. This way, the brand does not lose ranked page yet no one sees the negative page reviews.

3. To Show Knowledge Pannel

Reputation management team applies SEO to show a knowledge pannel on Google. From the knowledge pannel, the people searched for the company can get contact numbers, mail, opening time, service details, and location of the brand.

4. To Increase The Sales

Digital marketers from Search Engine Journal published an article that states, over 25 percent of people click on the first search results and make a purchase. 

So, strong SEO campaigns can bring a web page on top the results to help generate the most amount of revenue. It is also a good return of investment for a brand which makes them a reputed company.

5. To Remove Google Review

Google always allow brand owners to remove one review from the search engine result page. In case you have a single review killing your reputation, simply flag the review and wait for the removal. SEO experts can perform this taks pretty well as they work on the SERP features.

6. To Optimize The Site Entity

SEO can make associated keywords working to make a strong branding. For example, you may have seen that often misspelling words or phrase also brings in the right search results.

An SEO expert can turn certain misspellings into effective keywords so that search engines provides the right sitelinks pack to generate more leads.

7. To Get a Video Carousel

Do you know that Google is prioritizing video content from YouTube these days? That means you can optimize your YouiTube contents with proper on-page SEO to show it on the target result page.

This way, you can feature your advertisements, client’s feedback, or even your own presentation in a row.

Benefit of Reputation Management After using SEO

SEO can fulfil some objectives also used in online reputation management. Let’s have a glance on the objectives.

  • Convert More Traffic: SEO plays the largest role in the conversion process. It applies various internal and external approaches to receive more customers on website to build a higher reputation.
  • Increase Time Spent: Brands can write contents on different topics to catch people’s attention. After trusting the site, it can drive visitors to the product page to buy things.
  • Multiply Domain Authority: Domain Authority (DA) is an important part to make a reliable ranked page. SEO can influence to increase the domain authority to make a higher reputation.
  • Loading Time: Proper SEO audit can identify site loading issue to optimize site speed and increase reputation. In 2013, Amazon lost their reputation and revenue for 100ms of latency on the website.

Reputation management agency like VISER X uses proprietary techniques to erase negative reviews from Google Listings forever.

How to Use SEO for Reputation Management in Bangladesh?

Well, we have few ways that can motivate you to start implying SEO in order to start the reputation management. Use a set of tactics from the below activities.

  • Identify Keywords

Detect the keywords that brings up the negative results most. Expert reputation managers use premium tools to find out affected keywords, and SERP features.

  • Optimize Business Profile

Google SERP presents my business or Google local map oriented result. You have to include new posts, photos, or description to rank over the negative results.

  • Link Social Media Accounts

Claim accounts on popular social media sites and optimize profile with your branded keywords. Build links featuring anchor texts to connect the social media contents to push down the nagative results.

  • Publish PR Content

Publish long form newsletter or other promotional content to make a good impression of your site. Video speaking the topic have more chances to rank than other conventional contents.

Wrap Up

So you have received the basic idea of how SEO can be used for reputation management in Bangladesh. With SEO, brands make sure that all the negative reviews, comments, and false alerts in your business are turned down. Even brands can update their current status through SEO by implementing new Google knowledge channel for an existing business. 


How SEO can be used for reputation management?

You can use SEO to keep the search engine result page (SERP) full of positive reviews about your website. Next, you can utilize several SERP features to show knowledge cards, snippets, locations, and other useful things to build a popularity to increase the brand reputation. Once you use SEO for reputation management, your website will get more vsiitors, and your online presence will create trust among the potential consumers.

What are the best tips to manage online reputation?

You can ensure effective online reputation management in a fews teps. 1. Become active on social media. 2. Post new blog posts. 3. Keep eyes on people’s feedback. 4. Use SEO to perform online reputation management. 5. Meet and talk with different types of clients. In addition, you must portray the better sode of your business to your consumers for the best reputation management.

What is the best practice for reputation management besides SEO?

Few ways can keep the reputation management process running even without SEO. Those are, 1. Creating company profile and focus on positive messages. 2. Monitoring all comments, reactions, and messages on social media. 3. Responding professionali from your customer service. 4. Avoiding buyinh reviews illegally, instead request clients to put a review.

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