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Benefits of Google My Business for Bangladesh Business in 2023

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most popular SEO & digital marketing tool provided by Google. GMB is used for creating essential business profiles not only in Bangladesh but worldwide. In Bangladesh business, GMB is very important to grow the branding and increase sales in the modern era of 2023.

What is the purpose of your business? Of course, letting everyone influence you to buy your products. Google My Business is one of the essential mediums to serve that purpose.

So, we must know the utmost importance of this Google feature to multiply our business sales. That said, let’s discuss the benefits of Google My Business for Bangladeshi businesses in 2023.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business promotion service from Google. From 2021, it is known as Google Business Profile. It helps you create a business page for your organization on Google’s platform.

Further, Google My Business will make higher visibility of your business on the local business search, maps, SERP local 3-packs, and many more.

Importance of Google My Business in 2023?

Billions of people searched for their preferred local places on Google every day in 2023. Google Business profile or Google My Business can display all the important information about any business in Bangladesh. 

In short, the Google business page connects the business to the local people directly. You can show the following information on your Google business profile.

  • Opening/Closing times:

    You can inform your daily hours of operations, holidays, or any sudden occasion to the customers based on the Bangladesh cultural programs and govt holidays like Bengali New Year (Pôhela Boishakh), Eid-ul-Fitr, etc.
  • Contact Details:

    People can find contact details and store locations in their Google Business Profile. Anyone can use the location on Google Maps to navigate the place.
  • Link to website, articles, or events:

    Visitors can get links to your Bangladeshi business’s main website to generate more leads. Also, they will be notified of any upcoming events.
  • Customer Reviews:

    Previous customers can leave feedback to recommend you’re good service. It will motivate new customers to make a purchase from the business.

Moreover, Google’s business page can show a full website layout that can feature your message to consumers and collaborators.

Google My Business also copes with Google search results, Google Maps, and Google Ads. Therefore,  people searching for any particular service can find your business before everyone.

Benefits of Google My Business for Bangladeshi Business

Google has 75% of the search market share among all the search engines combined in Bangladesh. The report says that the maximum number of searchers looking for local products or places is more likely than looking for others. Surprisingly, 51 percent of mobile phone searches end up visiting a local store from a search in Dhaka Bangladesh. 

So, business brands use Google My Business as their prominent marketing strategy in Bangladesh. Let’s hover over the benefits of a Google business page on Google My Business for Bangladeshi Business in 2023.

  • Google Map & Business Listings

Bangladesh is currently in the process of digitalization. Any startup and renowned company can show its presence to potential customers on Google Maps.

Hence, Google Maps Google Maps Statistics say that 77% of mobile users rely on Google Maps regularly. So owners of stores, restaurants, hotels, parlors, and all other services can put their names on Google My Business so that users can get it on Google Maps.

  • Local SEO Improvement

Google My Business can enrich the search engine optimization of any website. When customers search for anything near them, Google always recommends relevant places in the shortest distances. 

So Google My Business is a great way to create your credibility. It can create strong local community outreach in Bangladesh. Many SEO agencies claim that it is one of the most effective marketing campaigns.

Especially Google business page development will improve the ranking and visibility just like the organic SEO does. Bangladeshi companies with branches can cover the country with this method. 

  • Google 3-Pack Listing

Google 3-pack listing displays the three local places on the search result page according to the keyword’s relevancy. You may not believe that people give 69 percent of clicks in the 3-pack listings. And more click refers to more visibility. 

Undoubtedly more visibility makes a good impression on the customers about your business. We have observed many small businesses have risen in the past year only using Google 3 packs listing. So, it’s another great way to set your business on the top chart.

  • Review & Rating Increment

Did you know that 90 percent of people check the ratings of any service to make their own purchasing decision? Any business owner can receive higher ratings on their Google My Business profile, which will result in a competitive position for their business.

Google always recommend contributors apply organic SEO in their marketing. So everyone is relying on SEO these days. As a result, Google emphasizes user reviews to level the playing field. Positive reviews can help a business rank on the 3-pack listing.

  • Publishing Offer Page

Any small business in Bangladesh can create offer pages to promote their business. Offer pages are considered the billboard for Google My Business. It can create hype among consumers for discounts. 

Moreover, you can put attractive images with a discount pitch on a specific day. The new Google My Business Page allows you to post offers like traditional posts. This opportunity gives huge benefits to Google My Business for Bangladeshi businesses in 2023.

  • Traffic Insights & Analysis

Converting visitors into customers is one of the challenging tasks for website owners. The insights can divide the insights to make better marketing plans. You can determine the searchers came via different types of searches. 

If any Bangladeshi business owner is serious about his business future, monitoring the insights is a must-do thing. Obtaining the insights can make better SEO plans to beat the competitors. 

  • Building Trust with The Customers

Google Business profile will show real images of the stores and streets in Bangladesh. People believe someone who purchased anything from a safe location. Business owners also become more confident in business for getting frequent searches. 

  • Ensuring The Engagement

When a Google business listing brings a customer to the sales center, it will increase both offline and online engagement. And Google My Business is the perfect spot for that task.

Google My Business can show how the readers are interacting with the posts. It allows business owners to see the shared posts and comments. Guess what? This can be an efficient way to know what to do next to get more interaction from customers.

  • Brand Management

Most of the time business owners have to hire a partner agency to manage their brand on search engines and social media. But, Google My Business made the job more convenient. You can reply to queries, post statuses, and upload images to impress visitors.

Next, the Google My Business management system is completely free of any additional costs! Customers can send queries, reviews, and messages directly. Google My Business offers to make a business site like a standard website.

Overall, business owners can be webmasters themselves in terms of using Google My Business.

Why Should Every Business Have a Google My Business Page?

The world is turning online in every sector of work and entertainment. Google My Business is also an excellent tool to make advertisements for your business. Creating a well-decorated Google business listing is completely free while impacting the most to earn customers.

We have combined some reasons that simplify the benefits of Google My Business for Bangladesh Business in 2023.

Speak For Yourself: You can verify your business accurately with a detailed inspection with Google My Business. The improvements can make your business more trustworthy to the clients.

Premium Option for Free: Create custom categories and upload recent photos and videos in Google My Business. Even you can create coupons to attract new customers.

Tracking Customer Response: Explore the insight and know how many of your customers came from direct phone numbers displayed on Google Maps and 3-pack listings. 

Wrap Up

The benefits of Google My Business for Bangladeshi Business is higher than ever in 2023. The first business pages have a gigantic opportunity to rule for now in local search rankings. Plus it is easier, unlike any web or content management system. So, business owners must take advantage of these useful Google features.


What are the benefits of Google My Business Page?

Google My Business helps business owners to display maps, information, and offers to customers. The major benefits are 1. Showing user information at a glance 2. Improving the local SEO ranking by insights 3. Gathering the user reviews to make trust 4. Giving away new offers and coupons to customers.

How to make an attractive Google My Business Profile?

You can create an attractive Google My Business profile by submitting some necessary information. You can make use of this information, 1. Write useful content, 2. Create Google Map Listing, 3. Make customer-oriented descriptions, 4. Attract customers with the latest photos and 5. videos.

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